Let’s go to the Bastion The spirit of the Domaine

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À la découverte du bastion

“La Tour des filles “(Girls’ tower) is part of the 5 bastions still present in Beaune. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century and was named after women with loose morals who lived nearby. It was renamed in the meantime “Bastion de l’Oratoire”, because of the chapel adjoined. Used since the beginning of Domaine Chanson, the Bastion houses barrels where the wines of the domaine are aged.

When Mars and Bacchus meet

The construction of this real defence tower was decided under Louis XI and achieved under François Ier. Built as a defence tower and classified as an historic monument with its 8-metres thick walls, it became the property of Chanson under the Revolution. The constant temperature and humidity guaranteed by its walls make it an ideal cellar.

Today on 4 different levels, the fourth built in 1826, the Bastion Chanson is entirely dedicated to wine ageing. The first three house red wines where each floor is destined for a vintage. As for the fourth floor, it accommodates white wines.

À la découverte du bastion
Roots that stretch over several centuries... Discover Chanson history !

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Burgundian roots

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Roots that stretch over several centuries…
The History of Chanson is closely tied to the History of France. It perfectly reflects the evolution of the country through 260 years of existence. Every men and women who proudly beared the colours of Chanson over centuries shared and still share a profound respect for the earth, the vine and the wine.

… and going on today.
Gilles de Courcel and Jean-Pierre Confuron, pure Burgundians, took over from the Chanson family in 1999. Both are ardent supporters of an integrated viticulture, deeply respectful of the terroirs. The respect of vine, combined with precise and meticulous vinifications, aim to give the specificity of each terroir and offers tastings that are characteristic of the region.

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Gilles de Courcel

Known for his expertise, his great knowledge of Burgundy, and his deep respect of terroirs, Gilles de Courcel has been presiding over the destinies of Chanson for more than 10 years.

“If Domaine Chanson has, in particular through its unique cellars, undeniable strengths to offer the best of Burgundy, it also knows how to modernize its infrastructures to improve permanently the quality of the production. Thus, a new winery was built next to Beaune, in Savigny-lès-Beaune. Designed as a two floor structure, juices and grapes are transported thanks to gravity. This new winery has a large number of vats of different sizes which allows us to vinify more precisely our plots. The respect of the grapes and the terroirs that we are fortunate to exploit, is a priority.”

Jean-Pierre Confuron

Jean-Pierre Confuron, recognized by his peers as one of the most talented oenologists of his generation, implements a disciplined and uncompromising vinification. In charge of vinifications and grapes purchasing, he only works with other winemakers sharing his philosophy and his deep respect of terroirs and vines. He leaves no room for approximation whether it is in the vineyard or in the cellar.

“Respecting the vine at every stage of its development allows us to obtain an expression of each terroir as precise as possible. Whether through ploughing, short pruning, de-budding, plot selection or yields control, every effort is made to extract the best of the vine.
This particular care in the vineyard also takes place during the manual harvest where grapes are picked at full ripeness, then sorted. At the cellar, white grapes are softly pressed out to obtain the best juice as possible. As for reds, they are put into vats in full bunches and start their maceration. Then, vinifications are submitted to the same rigour. Both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are aged in oak barrels in the purest tradition. “